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Social Responsibility in Business

In inspecting the statements of purpose of various organizations, it is clear that companies guarantee to organize social obligation. Organizations like Whole Foods, Ben &Jerry’s, Camano Island Coffee Roasters all effectively add to various social causes. Indeed, even Philip Morris organizes â€Å"actively [participating] in cultural worries that are applicable to [its] businesses† over producing returns for its investors (Philip Morris, 2011). There are a wide range of perspectives on the degree to which companies ought to be associated with cultural concerns.The three most conspicuous are the investor hypothesis, the idea of social business, and the partner hypothesis. Of these, the partner hypothesis is the most fitting. Since companies are viewed as people inside our general public, they bear a specific measure of duty to their kindred residents, so it isn't sufficient for them to act just in light of a legitimate concern for their investors. Be that as it may, enterprises are qualified for procure benefits, and along these lines can't be relied upon to go about as absolutely social businesses.Consequently, organizations must search for a fair compromise inside the partner hypothesis, acting in light of a legitimate concern for the investors, clients, representatives and common society. Milton Friedman, a significant defender of the investor hypothesis, contends that past lawful consistence, â€Å"the social duty of business is to expand its profits,† meaning partnerships hold duties just to their investors and the law (Friedman, 1970). One of the central matters he addresses is the way that when an organization supervisor spends the company’s cash on a social reason, he/she detracts from the most extreme potential comes back to the stockholders.In expansion to taking from the investors, the cost of the item may rise, detracting from the purchaser, or wages may fall, detracting from the representatives. Along these lines, the chief â€Å"is essentially forcing charges, from one perspective, and choosing how the duty continues will be spent, on the other† (Friedman, 1970). Friedman claims charges are the duty of the legislature and giving the corporation’s cash to a social reason is a type of tax imposition without any political benefit. This would be the situation if the administrator were simply giving the assets to a reason for his/her choosing.However, Camano Island Coffee Roasters (CICR) underpins its own industry by guaranteeing that they take an interest in Fair Trade. Notwithstanding taking an interest in Fair Trade, CICR helps the espresso ranchers by ensuring they own the land they work, just as assisting with keeping their kids very much sustained (Gunter, 2007). By helping the ranchers from whom CICR purchases its espresso, it guarantees that it can utilize â€Å"the top 1% of the accessible espresso market† (Gunter, 2007). Because of its demonstrations of philanthropy, C amano Island Coffee Roasters has had the option to guarantee a top quality item and thus has been an extremely fruitful corporation.Friedman’s hypothesis is additionally like the â€Å"trickle-down† hypothesis. He accepts that by augmenting benefits, enterprises will help the less lucky by giving better merchandise and ventures just as higher wages. In any case, similar to the â€Å"trickle-down† hypothesis, the outcome is the CEOs of enterprises make a huge number of dollars, while the lower level workers scarcely make enough to endure. Ben and Jerry’s is an ideal case of an organization that doesn't submit to Friedman’s reasoning, but then has been remarkably successful.They figure out how to give the most excellent item conceivable, notwithstanding paying their representatives what they call â€Å"living wage,† ensuring the least paid workers are as yet making admirably over the lowest pay permitted by law (LEDA article). For Ben and Jerr y’s, the expense, as Friedman would call it, is taken from the most generously compensated representatives of the organization. An article surveying Ben and Jerry’s business morals says: â€Å"Consistent with [their crucial social responsibility], the most generously compensated representatives of Ben and Jerry's would not procure in excess of multiple times more than the least paid full-time employees† (LEDA article).Despite the achievement of socially capable enterprises, Friedman would contend that these organizations would have had more prominent achievement on the off chance that they had concentrated exclusively on turning higher benefits. In this way it is basic to consider the opportunities for partnerships to act in an exploitative way in any event, while conforming to Friedman’s reasoning. At the point when Ford discharged the Pinto, it knew about the potential for clients to be murdered because of an imperfection in the Pinto’s design.De spite this information, in light of a money saving advantage investigation, Ford decided it would be less exorbitant to manage the claims brought by individuals who were harmed or slaughtered as opposed to review and fix every vehicle. Portage was well inside the lawful necessities for vehicle wellbeing at that point and legitimately sold the Pinto, regardless of the risk. Notwithstanding, by not considering the outcomes of its activities past simply the money related, Ford was liable for more than fifty passings (American Decades, 2001). As indicated by Friedman, this choice to esteem benefit over human lives was totally moral. On the opposite side of the pectrum from the investor situated way of thinking is another field of business called social business. By definition, a social business is a non-misfortune, non-profit organization whose attention isn't on benefits, however on encouraging a social reason (Yunus, 2010). Nobel Peace prize laureate Muhammad Yunus is the organizer of this field of corporate social obligation. In 2006, Yunus teamed up with a French food organization called Danone to dispatch the primary social business, Grameen Danone. Its crucial to furnish kids in country Bangladesh with supplements that are missing from their diet.An article on the Danone site says: â€Å"the achievement of the undertaking will most importantly be decided on non-budgetary models: the quantity of immediate and circuitous occupations made (milk makers, little wholesalers, entryway to entryway venders), upgrades to kids' wellbeing, security of nature etc†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Danone, 2011). In any case, in view of the manner in which we right now measure the achievement of partnerships, Grameen Danone would have all the earmarks of being an ineffective business. Do social organizations and non-benefit associations require an adjustment in the traditional strategies for deciding the achievement of a corporation?It is exceptionally far-fetched that numerous partnerships will embrace such an extreme strategy as social business. Consequently, while social organizations ought to be praised, and even utilized as motivation, for their commitment to society, it is progressively sensible for partnerships to concentrate on the interests of both their investors and network. R. Edward Freeman is one of the organizers of the partner hypothesis, which says that organizations hold obligations to five principle bunches including investors, purchasers and the general public.Unlike social business, Freeman’s partner hypothesis isn't intended to be a foil to the investor hypothesis, yet rather, Freeman contends that the perspectives on both Friedman and Yunus are simply smaller forms of the partner hypothesis (Theoretical and Pedagogical Issues). Freeman says that in present day society organizations must think about various partners when deciding. Entire Foods gives a case of an organization which considers something beyond making benefits. Entire Foods bu ys its items from nearby ranchers in spite of the way that this raises the expenses of its goods.Even however this may hurt its checkbook, Whole Foods can sell more advantageous and more excellent items while likewise supporting its neighborhood network. Notwithstanding performing benevolent acts, a significant number of Whole Foods’ clients are faithful in light of its moral techniques for working together (Conversation with John Mackey, 2011). Entire Foods additionally goes past just creation benefits by making trust with its representatives. When executing a merger with the organization Wild Oats, Whole Foods expected to shut down a considerable lot of the Wild Oats areas since they were in business sectors where there were at that point Whole Foods stores located.However, rather than terminating the Wild Oats laborers, Whole Foods extended to strong employment opportunity security and substitute situations at the current Whole Foods areas. In a meeting, with respect to th e employer stability offered to Wild Oats workers, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey stated, â€Å"First of all, that’s the correct activity, and also, if individuals have a ton of nervousness that they could lose their positions, that hinders their capacity to learn and adjust. I feel you’ve got the chance to offer security in the event that you need to get individuals to push ahead. In any case they’re excessively terrified. † (John Mackey Interview, 2008)Not just does this partner way to deal with business bring about culturally valuable activities, yet it additionally prompts increasingly proficient, harder working representatives. Nonetheless, there are issues with the partner way to deal with business morals. Many contend that a reception of partner hypothesis, over investor, would â€Å"[undermine] investor property rights†¦ and dishearten value investment† (Ethics Gone Wrong, 2000). Promoters of this idea guarantee that since companies must oblige the necessities of gatherings other than their investors, the â€Å"potential of [the stockholders’] investment†¦ decreases significantly† (Ethics Gone Wrong, 2000).Contrary to this thought, venture vehicles like the Calvert Investment Mutual Fund give â€Å"investment portfolios that coordinate two unmistakable examination structures: a thorough audit of monetary execution, and a careful evaluation of natural, social and administration execution. † (Calvert Investments, 2011). The achievement of the Calvert Mutual Fund gives proof that in any event, while considering companies that apply partner arranged strategic policies, the worth and â€Å"trade-ability† of value ca

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Athena Research free essay sample

Athena is the goddess of shrewdness and fighting. She is the most loved little girl of Zeus. There are a wide range of forms of how Athena became. The most acknowledged variant is that Athena was brought into the world an offspring of Zeus by his first spouse, Metis, a goddess of knowledge. Zeus expected that Metis may bear him a child who was mightier than himself, so he gulped her. As indicated by certain accounts, Zeus reserved each option to fear this since Mother Earth had forecasted that Metis first kid would be a young lady, however her subsequent youngster would be a kid that would oust Zeus as had happened to is father and his granddad. Zeus acknowledged this admonition. This is the reason he gulped Metis. It is accepted this is the place Zeus picked up his astuteness. Before gulping his better half he was said to have had no cerebrums. Little did Zeus realize that Metis was at that point with youngster. We will compose a custom paper test on Athena Research or on the other hand any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page While caught inside Zeus, Metis started to make a protective cap and robe for her unborn little girl. All that crashing and beating made Zeus endure horrendous migraines, so he required his child Hephaestus. Hephaestus split his dads skull open to diminish the torment, and out popped Athena, completely developed and wearing her new robe and protective cap. The incomparable Athena was the first to show the study of numbers and all antiquated womens expressions, for example, cooking, weaving and turning. She was the goddess of insight and war, at the same time, in contrast to the divine force of war Ares, she took no joy from fight, leaning toward rather to settle strife through intercession. At the point when Athena was moved to take part in fight she never lost, even against Ares himself, for she was a far unrivaled mediator than he was. She bears no arms in the midst of harmony and will as a rule obtain weapons from Zeus when required. Since she was his preferred girl and such a compelling warrior, he permitted her to obtain is fearsome Aegis, and his overwhelming jolts. Without a doubt Athena was a bold warrior and she was the solitary divinity to persevere when Typhon assaulted Olympus. Typhon was the biggest, generally hazardous, and generally twisted everything being equal. He was so alarming and that when he assaulted Mount Olympus the entirety of the divine beings ran off to Egypt and concealed themselves by taking the types of different creatures. Just Athena stood firm, and she disgraced and inspired Zeus energetically. Zeus hit Typhon with a jolt and utilized Uranus maiming sickle to wound the huge animal. Typhon withdrew to Mount Casius, where he and Zeus continued beneficiary battle, flinging mountains at each other, which brought about Typhon being squashed underneath what is presently known as Mount Aetna. Mount Olympus and the rule of Zeus were spared on account of Athena. Despite the fact that she was as unassuming as Artemis and Hestia, the other virgin goddesses, Athena was undeniably increasingly liberal. A man called Tiresias risked upon Athena while she was scrubbing down and she was frightened to understand that he had gone into the room and seen her. Not having any desire to murder Tiresias for his silliness, she laid her hands over his eyes and blinded him, however gave him internal sight with the goal that Tiresias got one of the most notable prophets in Greece. One of only a handful scarcely any occasions that Athena indicated fractiousness was in her weaving challenge against the human named Arachne. Arachne thought she was the best weaver there Athena felt very slighted and assumed the presence of an elderly person and appeared at Arachnes house to offer her some amicable guidance to regard the divine beings. Arachne was too vain to even think about listening and advised the elderly person to be gone. Let the incomparable Athena attempt her aptitude against mine, and on the off chance that I lose she can do whatever she satisfies with me, she gloated. That is when Athena dropped her mask and uncovered her actual character. All the observers tumbled to their knees in worship aside from Arachne, who was unaffected. The two started their weaving challenge, and for some time Arachne stood her ground against Athena, in any event, making jokes about the divine beings through the woven artwork she made, yet at long last Athena had enough and contacted the pretentious human on the temple, causing her to feel her disgrace. Sickened at the acknowledgment of her vanity, Arachne ran off and draped herself from a tree. Feeling frustrated about the hanging of Arachne, Athena breathed life into her back, yet with the goal that humans discover that it doesnt pay to contrast themselves with the divine beings, she changed Arachne into a creepy crawly. There she its, her and her descendents, perpetually weaving their web, demonstration of the indiscretion of vanity. Athens was named after Athena and she turned into its defender after a question with her uncle, Poseideon, the lord of the ocean. Both Athena and Poseidon truly enjoyed a specific city on the shore of Greece, and them two guaranteed proprietorship. At last, to unravel the debate, it was concurred that whoever could give the city the best blessing would perpetually be benefactor. Athena and Poseidon went to the Acropolis, where Poseidon hit the precipice side with his relentless trident. A spring gushed, which astonished and intrigued the residents. In any case, the spring was salt ater, so it wasnt truly very useful to anybody. Athena at that point gave the individuals a basic olive tree. In spite of the fact that it wasnt as amazing as a spring, it was undeniably increasingly valuable, since it gave the individuals oil, food, and even wood. In much appreciated, they named the city Athens. A few people in Greece despite everything revere Athena and give proper respect to her at the Acropolis. Athena was the virgin goddess. She was likewise called Athena Parthenos. Parthenos implied virgin. This is the place the Parthenon originated from. The Parthenon sanctuary was worked to respect the virgin goddess. Despite the fact that she was a virgin there are anecdotes about her child, Erichthonius. Erichthonius was conceived of the sperm of Hephaestus, Athenas sibling.

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An Overview of Psychology Careers

An Overview of Psychology Careers February 05, 2018 More in Student Resources APA Style and Writing Study Guides and Tips Careers Careers in psychology tend to be quite diverse and job options depend primarily on factors such as the type of degree held, years of experience, and specialty area of choice. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, psychology ranks as the fourth most popular college major in the United States. But, exactly what types of psychology careers are available to these psychology grads? While options tend to be more limited for those holding an undergraduate degree in psychology, there are a number of different entry-level job options available. Those who continue on to earn a masters or doctorate in psychology will find more career options, higher salaries, and stronger advancement opportunities. Entry-Level An undergraduate degree in psychology can serve as a great foundation for further study in the subject. But as many as 75 percent of all students who earn a bachelors never continue on to graduate school. The U.S. Department of Labor reports that jobs tend to be much more limited at this level, but there are still some options. Common job titles for bachelors degree-holders include psychiatric technician, case manager, and rehabilitation specialist. Some may find positions in different fields such as management, sales, human resources, and marketing.? Other job titles that might be an option solely with a bachlors degree include: Child Care WorkerCollege Recruiter or Admissions CounselorCorrectional Treatment SpecialistFinancial Aid CounselorProbation OfficerResearch AssistantYouth Counselor Graduate Degree There are many different subfields of psychology and various types of psychologists. Some people choose to focus on health-related careers that are centered on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illness. These psychologists often work in hospitals, mental health clinics, or in private practice and work directly with clients who are experiencing symptoms of psychological or psychiatric disorders. ?Such job titles might include art therapist, child psychologist, clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist, and family and marriage therapist. In contrast, other psychologists focus mainly on research. They often work on a particular topic such as the brain, memory, attention, and other areas and are frequently employed by universities. In addition to performing research on psychology, they may also teach undergraduate and graduate classes.? Job titles in this area might include cognitive psychologist, comparative psychologist, experimental psychologist, research psychologist, and social psychologist. Still other psychologists work in areas that allow them to solve real-world problems. For example, they might design workspaces in order to maximize safety and productivity or work in legal settings to evaluate criminal suspects. A few job titles in this area include aviation psychologist, forensic psychologist, human factors psychologist, and military psychologist. Job Outlook Every year, the U.S. Department of Labor publishes their Occupational Outlook Handbook which includes projected job growth or loss for various professions over the coming years. According to them, psychology careers are expected to grow at a rate of 19 percent over the coming decade. 11 Things You Can Do With a Bachelors Degree in Psychology This overall projection is faster than the average for all occupations. Yet, it is important to also note that actual growth in individual specialty areas may vary considerably. For example, due to an increased demand for psychological services in hospitals and schools, the need for clinical psychologists and school psychologists is expected to grow by around 20 percent. It is also important to consider that factors such as education, training, and experience can also impact the job outlook for individuals working in psychology. Certain professions may grow more competitive. So, those who have advanced degrees in their chosen specialties are more likely to command top positions and higher salaries. Educational Training Requirements If you are thinking about a career in psychology, it is important to first consider your interests and goals. An undergraduate degree in psychology can provide an excellent background for different entry-level jobs. But, you will need to earn a graduate degree in psychology if you are interested in becoming a psychologist. Spend some time researching your options and investigate graduate programs that will be a good match for your particular interests. While each program may provide a strong background in psychology, each one differs in terms of its scope and focus. Aim to find a program that will let you both focus on your specialty area and work in your chosen career once you graduate. Exact educational and training requirements vary depending upon your chosen specialty area. If you want to become a school psychologist, for example, you would need to earn at minimum a masters or educational specialist degree in school psychologyâ€"although many may opt to earn a doctorate degree in the subject. Additionally, school psychologists must complete a one-year internship and become licensed to work in their state. If you are interested in becoming a licensed clinical psychologist instead, then you must complete an accredited doctorate program in clinical psychology, complete an internship, and pass state licensing exams. 8 Careers You Might Consider School psychologists work in educational settings to help children deal with emotional, academic, and social problems. Thanks to increased interest in the mental health of children and federal education legislation, school psychology has rapidly become one of the fastest growing fields. The demand for qualified school psychologists exceeds the number of candidates available, which means that job opportunities are typically high.?Counselors help people with a wide variety of problems, including marriage, family, emotional, educational, and substance abuse issues. Nearly half of all counselors work in health care or social welfare settings, while others work for state and local governments. Though requirements vary, almost all states mandate at least a masters degree in order to become a licensed counselor. Typical work settings include K-12 schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, mental health clinics, and private practice.?Forensic psychologists apply psychology to the fields of criminal investigation and law. This has rapidly become one of the hottest psychology careers thanks to numerous portrayals in popular movies, television programs, and books. While the field may not be as glamorous as it is depicted in the media, forensic psychology is still an exciting career choice with a lot of potential for growth. Forensic psychologists often work in the legal system with other experts to deal with family, civil, or criminal issues. They may be involved in child custody assessments, scrutinize insurance claims, evaluate mental health issues in criminal cases, and provide expert testimony.?Engineering psychologists use psychology to examine how people interact with machines and other technology. These professionals use their understanding of the human mind and behavior to help design and improve technology, consumer products, work settings, and living environments. For example, an engineering psychologist might work as part of a team to redesign a product to make it more efficient and easier to use in a work situation. Those working in academic settings report the lowest earnings, while others in the private sector report higher salaries.?Clinical psychology is the single largest employment area within the field of psychology. Clinical psychologists assess, diagnose, and treat people living with psychological or psychiatric disorders. These professionals typically work in hospital settings, mental health clinics, or private practices. In order to become a clinical psychologist, you must have a doctoral-level degree in clinical psychology and most states require a minimum of a one-year internship. Most graduate school programs in clinical psychology are fairly competitive.?Sports psychologists focus on the psychological aspects of sports and athletics, including topics such as motivation, performance, and injury. The two major areas within sports psychology are centered on helping improve athletic performance and on using sports to impro ve mental and physical health. Sports psychologists work in a wide variety of settings including universities, hospitals, athletic centers, private consulting practices, and research facilities.?Industrial-organizational (I-O) psychologists focus on workplace behavior, often using psychological principles to increase worker productivity and to select employees that are best-suited for particular jobs. There are several different specialty areas within industrial-organizational psychology. For example, some I-O psychologists train and assess employees and others evaluate job candidates. While there are some employment opportunities at the masters degree level, those with a doctoral degree in industrial-organizational psychology are in greater demand and command significantly higher salaries.?Health psychologists are interested in how mental, emotional, and social factors influence health and illness. They often work in hospital or government settings to help promote healthy behaviors and prevent illness. For example, they may research the causes of health problems, administer community health programs, and help people choose healthy behaviors. A Word From Verywell Psychology is an incredibly diverse field and careers can range from those that focus on mental health to those centered on research. People who are interested in a psychology career should spend time carefully researching their options in order to determine which specialty area is right for their needs, interests, and goals.

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Decision Making Methods Among Senior Leaders - 922 Words

This paper will illustrate how various decision making methods amongst several senior leaders in my organization has stalled progress on an enterprise level project. Some leaders are keeping their options open, while others are simply not making a decision at all. This indecisiveness has created confusion and discouragement amongst subordinate units. The two themes that I plan on expanding upon in order to show how progress can be accelerated are autonomy and task significance. The issue at hand is not a result of ignorance or lack of commitment. Past experiences from differentiating backgrounds amongst the senior leaders has manifested into group thinking and therefore inhibited their ability to make a decision moving forward. The proper application of autonomy bestowed upon the action officers working the project, and a mutually accepted baseline for the overall task significance will ensure project success. This will establish clear guidance moving forward, achievable goals and r e-establish trust from the tactical level up. As an officer, we have always be told when you are in command, command. The worst thing you can do as a leader is fail to make a decision. Even if it is a bad decision, never fail to make a call. There are several models in place to help facilitate making good decisions however, it is essential not to be bogged down from information overload. It is vital that a leader clearly defines the objective, empowers his or herShow MoreRelatedEmployee Driven Values Change : A Study Of Nokias Leadership1723 Words   |  7 Pagesby Willigan (2009), provides insight into how Nokia’s leadership guided its global workforce in redesigning its corporate values in support of the company’s strategic changes. Overview of the Case Nokia’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other leaders recognized the need to redefine Nokia’s culture and its foundational values to promote global collaboration and speed during the company’s business change (Willigan, 2009). Nokia was of the belief that â€Å"values align people’s hearts and emotionalRead MoreThe Decision Making More Effective991 Words   |  4 PagesIn reviewing the information within the SWOT analysis, it is essential for the leadership to utilize collaboration to make decision-making more effective. The top-down approach used in the past should be avoided to be replaced by an approach which keeps the executive team much more involved in daily operations. By utilizing the Team Development Process. â€Å"Team development is an educational process of continually reviewing and evaluating team functioning in order to identify and establish new andRead MoreEssay on Analysis and Synthesis of Prior Research1253 Words   |  6 Pages the business is now, and the portfolio of projects of the organization demonstrate where the organization is headed. To effectively manage the tremendous number of projects that leaders face today in their organizations, they look to methods and processes that aid them in effectively managing a group of projects. The method used to help in this endeavor is Portfolio Project Management (PPM). Portfolio Management Methodologies According to Project Management Institute’s 2012 Pulse of the ProfessionRead MoreInterpersonal Skills : Interpersonal And Social Skills1682 Words   |  7 Pageswhich help a leader work effectively with peers, superiors, and subordinates to achieve the goals of an organization (Adair, 2009). A leader must have the ability to relate well with followers. Effective leaders have self-awareness, as well as the awareness of those around them. The leader needs to be socially perceptive. A leader requires interpersonal skills to show emotional intelligence. It assists a person in understanding emotions and applying this understanding to daily tasks. A leader must alsoRead MoreLeadership Approaches Of Leadership And Leader Member Exchange1525 Words   |  7 Pagesperson can be a leader when operations are working correctly (Pozin, 2014). What type of leader stands out when complex problems arise? Two leadership approaches, collective and leader-member exchange, have opposing princi ples guiding the success of the methods. One approach foregoes a designated leader and enables team members to reach an objective collectively, whereas the differing approach bases its success on the dyadic relationship between the leader and follower. Leaders must recognizeRead MoreBuilding a Networked Organization1552 Words   |  7 PagesMWH is a global engineering services firm considered to be a leader in water, hydropower and environmental remediation. It was trying to turn the geographically organized department into one organized by function and the reorganization will depend on effective collaboration. The existing relationships are providing through ONA analysis, a method for mapping relationships among people in a group. This case looks into the old structure under which departments are fragmented by geography and constrainedRead MoreInvestigating The Factors That Were Prevalent And Hampered The Teamwork At Oceanic Consultants Pvt Ltd Essay1377 Words   |  6 PagesX, Theory Y †¢ Situational Leadership Theory †¢ Path Goal Leadership Theory 2 DESCRIPTION OF EVENTS 2.1 Lack of motivation and effective communication among employees When I joined the organization I found that all the employees preferred individuality over team work. The major problems that the firm was experiencing, was lack of motivation among its employees. They did not have any specified goal and were not given responsibilities to perform which results in a lack of initiative. Even the companyRead MoreEssay on Crystel Change Management Plan1074 Words   |  5 Pagesof change. A systems model of change takes a big picture perspective of change. It focuses on the interaction among the key components of change. The three main components of change are inputs, target elements of change, and outputs. The target elements of change represent the components of an organization that may be changed. They include organizing arrangements, social factors, methods, goals, and people (Kinicki Kreitner, 2004). One of the objectives is to commission a survey that would enableRead MoreA Report On The Hospital1413 Words   |  6 Pages hiring, and training new employees to fill the open positions. Additionally, patients who are admitted for extended periods of time complain of not having the same staff members assigned to them throughout their stay. As a result, the hospital’s senior management is looking to find ways to reimage the company’s culture and to motivate and incentivize the employees. Because it is privately owned, this hospital is not limited to funding provided by the city or state and can get more creative in theirRead MoreHow Strategies Can Foster Employee Engagement Essay1212 Words   |  5 Pagescompany culture and staff performance. Middle managers - often conflicted by organisational change, responsibility without authority and outside opportunities for entrepreneurship - are leaving their positions to advance their careers, and ageing senior staff are reti ring from their positions. The management vacuum that these trends create generates a need for effective in-house promoting policies that HR departments manage, and HRM duties increasingly focus on developing good managers through internal

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The Great Recession Of 2008 - 1691 Words

Stefanos Lazaridis Professor Demiray Economics 200 October 18, 2015 Great Recession of 2008 The Great Recession in 2008 led to a huge crisis in the United States economy. This recession almost led to the entire collapse of the United States economy due to the constant unstable changes in legislation, regulation, along with the changes in fiscal and monetary policies. Furthermore, many economists believe that the increase of excess monetary and government irresponsibility led to the overall crisis in the mid to late 2000’s. Some economists believe that the oversupply of monetary contributed to the 2008 crisis due to low interest rate targets that were substantially below the monetary requirement. In this paper I will discuss the effects of the changes in monetary and fiscal policies that altered the economy in 2008 as well as the current and desired gross domestic product for the future United States economy. The United States fiscal policy can be defined by how the United States government collects revenue which is usually through taxes from c onsumers, and how the government spends (expenditures) the money collected in order to influence the economy. Moreover, many Keynesian economists believe that by adjusting level of taxation and government expenditures, supply and demand could also impact aggregate demand. For example, if John says that there needs to be an increase in jobs to enhance overall stimulation in the future economy, he would have to allocate resources andShow MoreRelatedThe Great Recession Of 20081123 Words   |  5 Pages The Great Recession of 2008 Debra Turner ECON 102 Professor, Shahrokh American Public University September 26, 2015 â€Æ' The Great Recession of 2008 Recession is a significant decline in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale/retail sales, which last more than a few months. (Economic recession, n.d.) Further, a recession typically begins after a peak in the economy and ends at the trough, however, â€Å"the start and end dates are determined by the Business Cycle DatingRead MoreThe Great Recession Of 20081814 Words   |  8 PagesSubprime Lending and the Recession of 2008 The great recession of 2008 affected everyone around the world. The great Recession is considered the second worst economic crisis in American history, behind the Great Depression. The Recession of 2008 was caused by two major faults: the use of subprime lending and changes in banking culture leaning towards self interest within the banking industry. There is no doubt that subprime lending was a major cause of the Recession. It was a tactic used byRead MoreThe Great Recession Of 20081388 Words   |  6 Pages The great recession of 2008 affected everyone around the world. The great Recession is considered the second worst economic crisis in American history, behind the Great Depression. The Recession of 2008 was caused by two major faults: the use of subprime lending and changes in banking culture leaning towards self interest within the banking industry. There is no doubt that subprime lending was a major cause of the Recession. It was a tactic used by investment banks in order to get more moneyRead MoreThe Great Recession of 20082062 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract A recession is full-proof sign of declined activity within the economic environment. Many economists generally define the attributes of a recession are two consecutive quarters with declining GDP. Many factors contribute to an economys fall into a recession, but the major cause argued is inflation. As individuals or even businesses try to cut costs and spending this causes GDP to decline, unemployment rate can rise due to less spending which can be one of the combined factors whenRead MoreThe Great Recession Of 2008-91850 Words   |  8 PagesThe Great Recession of 2008-9 was the deepest and longest capitalist economic slump since the Great Depression of 1929-32. The recent financial crisis is known as the â€Å"Great Recession† of 2008-9. Its downturn was sparked by the collapse of the US housing market. In 2006, the prices of home began to rise and the banks began to encourage potential homebuyers to take out larger loans. There were lower interest rates at the time, an d this seemed like a good idea for most individuals who were searchingRead MoreThe Great Recession in the year 20081063 Words   |  5 PagesRecession 16Specifically, Freund (2009) defines global downturns as years when world real GDP growth is (1) below 2 percent, (2) more than 1.5 percentage points below the previous five-year average, and (3) at its minimum relative to the previous two years and the following two years. 1975, 1982, 1991, 2001, and 2008 Freund (2009) describes the evolution of world trade following four previous global downturns. She finds that the size of the decline in world trade during these episodes is Read MoreThe Great Depression of 1929 vs. the Great Recession of 20082799 Words   |  12 PagesThe Great Depression of 1929 Vs. The Great Recession of 2008 In America there have been great economic struggles and triumphs. The many great leaders of this country have foraged, failed, and overcome some very difficult times. Comparing the Great Depression of 1929 and the Great Recession of 2008 has revealed similarities that by learning from our mistakes in 1929 could have prevented the latest recession. I will discuss the causes of the Great Depression and the Great Recession, and what policiesRead MoreThe Great Recession Of 2008 Was A Worldwide Economic Downturn1673 Words   |  7 PagesThe Great Recession of 2008 was a worldwide economic downturn that impacted the global economy. Economists consider the economic decline as one of the most damaging recessions that occurred since the Great Depression of 1930’s. Several documentations and research regarding the recession have been made to make a better understanding of the economic downturn in 2008 as well as the global economy as a whole. The book used as reference in this essay, the Diary Of A Very Bad Year: Confessions of an AnonymousRead MoreGreat Recession 2008 Economic Crisis, emerged in recent months of 2008 and many countries of the2500 Words   |  10 PagesGreat Recession 2008 Economic Crisis, emerged in recent months of 2008 and many countries of the world are adversely affecting economic development. Especially in this crisis compared with 1929 World Economic Crisis in September 2008 has become visible. The market value of real property in the United States losing one and kept it as a result of the increase in personal bankruptcies even though it is believed that triggered the crisis. Causes Throughout the 2000s, especially in oil and all commoditiesRead MoreFiscal and Monetary Policy Before During and After the â€Å"Great Recession† of 2008594 Words   |  3 PagesOne of the most interesting facets of The Great Recession of 2008 is that it didn’t really begin in 2008. The fiscal and monetary policy that prompted what we know now as the Great Recession of 2008 really began in 2006 and 2007. What was happening then and why did it take so long for the nation to feel the recession? The answers to those questions explain a great deal about how the Federal Reserve Bank operates and how the different ideologies of economics affect our nation (Sumner, 2011). In

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A Human Resource Manager Dealings Free Essays

string(88) " of their business degrees than I did not even seem interested to the slightest degree\." Human resources management deals with the theories, concepts, and practices that enable organizations to attract and retain employees. Human resource managers are responsible for designing effective compensation systems. They must be aware of the most recent laws and regulations governing what managers can and cannot do, and they must apply nondiscriminatory recruiting, selection, promotion, and pay standards. We will write a custom essay sample on A Human Resource Manager Dealings or any similar topic only for you Order Now New and important developments in advanced industrial societies have created additional challenges in human resource management, resulting in increased opportunities in such areas as ersonnel management, labor relations, labor and employment law, and compensation and employee benefits. Another of the business fields most important areas is finance. Finance is the study of how individuals and organizations make decisions about short-term and long-term investments and how these investments are financed. This major teaches theoretical and practical aspects of financial management. The general aspect is to explain how financial techniques can solve some of societies most important problems. Human resource management and finance our main aspects in the educational field of business, hat cannot be disregarded in a business society. I chose the profession of a human resource manager so I could basically have control in what I do in the business type atmosphere. This profession has many different departments in a business and the managers of those departments have a lot of control in how they run their departments. These departments consist of employee relations, organizational development, compensation, benefits, labor relations, and functions management also known as a generalist. All the managers of these departments in a corporation are very well paid. I become more anxious to start working in this business field as I keep learning Money has played a major role in my decision to choose this profession. The salaries all depend upon the company. For example in the division of organizational development the starting salary is 52,000 dollars out of college. After three years it is 82,000 dollars. Four more years it is more than 120,000 dollars. This was a major influence in the decision of making human resource management a career choice. In the career of business no matter what your major is the concept or center that the business world revolves around is he act of dealing with money. After careful studying of these career paths and choices I have come to the conclusion that money makes all the difference in the world. At the salary rate and employee benefits of the profession makes this job one that can last a full Although it requires a lot of hard work the profession of being a human resource manager is one that leaves great financial standing to support a family and good retirement funds. The idea of having money is not all about having it for yourself. Many people who criticize others for looking for a career with good financial standing assume that person ants money for themselves. Many people use money as an influence for choosing their careers are thinking about their future which hopes to consist of a family. This is my motive, I want my family, just like everyone else to live life better than I did so I can show that hard work pays off. Selfishness has nothing to do with anything, the future has everything to do with it. I really want this career to lasts for me as long as it can. The more financial support that I have as a result of being in this field is for the better to I really felt no pressure in choosing this career, I made this choice on my own and I hoose to stick with it. I did not feel any pressure to attend college I knew I had to go to college mainly because of influence of the society I grew up in. My parents are both equally successful in the way that they are both bosses in their career. This is what I use as my motivation in order to succeed just like both of them. It actually makes me push harder because of the fact that they had to deal with life a lot worse than I had to. I might feel pressure to succeed but never did I knew from the beginning, as soon as I was able to talk, The negative aspect in being a human resource manager is the worst feeling in any profession. The act of telling someone that has a wife and children that they are not needed not because of their work performance but because of the cutbacks of major corporations and businesses is something that hurts your conscience. This is something that does not only effect the employee but it effects the employer. I am going to work to change this aspect in the job. My philosophy on this subject is going to be no termination of a job unless it is absolutely necessary. My goal as long as I am in this profession is not to fire a single worker. I feel when people are secure of their jobs they work faster, work harder, and work better. Even though this might be far fetched I will try to complete this goal for as long as I can. Even though this is not something that I look forward to doing, I know it is something that comes with the territory. I chose this career path based on the business class I took in high school. We went through one chapter based on this profession. This is the only chapter in the business book that I actually ended up reading. This is the point when I knew what I was going to do in my life. This decision effected many aspects of my high school life. For example, this decision helped me choose what colleges I wanted to go to. f the school did not have uman resource management in a list with all of their business degrees than I did not even seem interested to the slightest degree. You read "A Human Resource Manager Dealings" in category "Essay examples" After careful research in salary and job potential along with benefits I knew that I was going to choose this career based on one business class my junior year in high school. The profession of a human resource manager has many divisions. The top executive and managerial positions have to be occupied with someone with a college degree. However there are positions that go under specialist divisions that get paid good money to do minor human resource jobs such as being in payroll or other small departments. There are a lot of specific aspects that are all gone over in college courses. For example, if you work for a company based on finance you need to know all the principles of that subject that is learned in a business college course. This is not something you learn unless you spend many years on the same aspect. In an interview with Mike Sauter, a human resource manager for Duracell in Indianapolis, there was one main subject of the interview centered in one question. What are the physical, mental, and emotional stability†s it takes to Brandon: What made you choose the business field as your major? Mike: In college it was the first thing that caught my attention out of all the majors that my school provided, it was the field that I was positive I could do. Brandon: Did anyone influence you to choose this field? Mike: No, I kind of just decided on my own my freshman year. Brandon: Where did you go to college? Mike: I attended the university of Indiana (Bloomington). Brandon: Did you know the percentages of those who graduated in this field? Mike: I think around 85 percent of the class graduated out of the school of business. Brandon: Did the remaining 15 percent drop out or fail in this field? Mike: I am not sure but I would guess that the majority of those who did not get a degree Brandon: What do you think is the biggest challenge one faces going into this field? Mike: Probably the biggest challenge one faces is trying to be the best in your field. If you are the best then you have the concentration and motivation to succeed. Many people think the biggest challenge is getting hired, but if you are the best then the jobs basically Brandon: What sacrifices does one have to make in order to succeed in this field? Mike: There are so many but, the most influential are the social sacrifices one has to make. You cannot go to every party, you sometimes have to even miss physical workouts, also if your in a relationship you have to separate and sacrifice time or it†s not going to Brandon: What are the best options for those with double majors? Mike: Well, the advantage to having a double major is there are double your chances of having better job opportunities and offers. The disadvantage is all the work. Brandon: If you could change majors, would you choose another field? Mike: Not a chance, I just feel like I know this field to well. Brandon: What do you think is the biggest aspect one needs to know going into this Mike: The biggest aspect is just simply knowing what you want to do and know that you Brandon: What benefits come out of the field of business? Mike: It all depends on the company. Benefits can have many different ranges such as dental plans up to medical benefits. My job is to decide what would best help the Brandon: What are the ranges of salaries for a human resource manager? Mike: The range of salaries depends on how many employees you have. If you have thousands of employees, than you could make up to 90 to 120 thousand dollars a year. Brandon: What are the ranges of salaries for a person in finance? Mike: I am not to sure about someone in finance but, I would guess that their salaries could range up in the high thousands. Brandon: Where did you spend your internship? Mike: I actually spent my internship at Walmart, doing stuff like payroll and attendance, Brandon: What are the starting salaries like for a human resource manager? Mike: It all depends on the type of position you are in. You could be just coming out of college and finishing your internship and still have over a thousand employees under you. Brandon: Are you satisfied with your salary? Mike: I am very satisfied, I feel that all my hard work paid off and deserving. Brandon: Why did you choose to become a human resource manager? Mike: When I was looking through the tasks in business I felt like I knew this area already, and it was so familiar that I knew I could succeed. Brandon: How much time of your job do you spend yearly? Mike: I spend over 11 months. This is a profession that requires daily attendance, and I must be the person who sets good examples for the other workers. Brandon: Is this a job that requires a lot of overtime work? Mike: It doesn†t require a lot but, on any given day you can work about one or two hours Brandon: What is the biggest task for a human resource manager? Mike: The hardest thing in this field is after getting to know and trust an employee, telling that same person that they are no longer needed in this business. After that you realize that these people have families to feed also but, there is nothing more you can do. It is the hardest thing I ever had to do but, it is the path I chose. Brandon: What are the physical, mental, and emotional stability†s does it take to Mike: The physical part is to be able to get up every morning and expect something different every time you put a suit on to go to work, and being able to handle it. The ental part is believing in your self enough to know that you can be the best, and make a difference in the work place. The emotional part is trusting the people you work with and hoping that we as a team can help each other succeed. I have a very positive opinion of college it seems to be everything I expected. I am taking time to get use to Indiana but I am still having fun while doing it. The time I spend at Ball State University has all been worth it and I do not really plan on leaving to transfer to another school anytime soon. Being at a university like this one is everything I expected since I first visited almost nothing has changed. I knew I was going to choose this school as one of my top choices when I saw it had my major. I made my final decision when I came to visit. The main challenge that faces me now is getting through all the hard courses, and pressures that come with graduating from college. Other these obstacles I think I should be better than fine. Whatever is ahead of me, whatever size problem it seems to be, I know I will be ready for it. Before I get through with a degree in human resource management I need to get use to and practice with this career. I will be working at the Washington Wizards arena the MCI Center. This should be an excellent experience for me mainly because I can decide whether or not I want to be doing this for the rest of my life. This is great timing because I can change career paths if I do not like this type of career. I will be working under someone whose position I will hopefully be in after I graduate college. I will be doing work that employees that do not have a college degree such as handling payroll for example. The main difference between training for a career and pursuing an education is being well skilled in either one subject or in all subjects of a profession. The act of being trained or a job and not going to college has both advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you get money faster and you do not have to waste time and money on a college education when you can be working the next day. The disadvantages are that without a college education your job can be replaced easier with someone who was taught the same job but more thoroughly, and with a college education it is easier to get a job with a higher â€Å"Under the general direction of the CEO and COO, this position creates and implements Human Resources programs including, but not limited to, recruitment, employee evelopment, compensation and benefits, management development, employee training and employee relations (www. hrm. org).† After the interview Mr. Sauter wished me luck and surely let me know what was ahead and the problems I had to deal with. I realized that being a human resource manager is hard work mentally, physically, and emotionally. However, I also realized that facing problems and obstacles is what life is all about and I am going to have to handle it at one time or another. I also realized that for me it is now do or die and I must confront all challenges to the best of my ability. 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Corporation laws

Questions: Indri runs a soil-testing business. He decides to form a company to take over the business. He is the sole shareholder and sole director. Indri sells his business to the company at an inflated price and lends the company $90,000 to help meet the cost of purchase. As security for the loan, Indri arranges a mortgage over a vacant block of land, which he transferred to the company as part of the business sale. In the first year of operation, the business makes a small profit (after paying both Indri and his 20 daughter's wages), but by the end of 2012 it is clear that the building industry is going through a major slump. Indri becomes desperate and works even harder. While working late into the night, Indri badly lacerates his hand and needs micro-surgery. His efforts to keep the business afloat are in vain and the company is forced into liquidation. On realisation of the assets, it is found that the company has approximately $95,000 to go towards meeting creditors' claims of $210,000: (a) If Indri is the only secured creditor, will he get back his $90,000? (b) Can Indri claim workers' compensation, assuming that he is otherwise entitled to it? Answers: The problems associated in the given case study are if Indri is believed to get an amount of $90000 back that was supposed to be his. It was found that the sum of money was initially lent to the company and whether the compensation for the workers can be claimed by Indri for the laceration or not. The company that is being dealt with is a single owner company of which Indri is the director and the shareholder of the company. The company is normally considered to be a significant entity that is different from the shareholders. The company was established in the case of Saloman v Saloman (Saloman v Saloman, [1896]) which a company is a separate body that is totally different from the shareholders and there is a curtain between the shareholders and the company which gives a kind of immunity to the company. Yet, it is also a fact that there are a few exceptions to the distinct identity status of the company. The cases when this covering is removed, it has been outlined judiciously by the courts over a long period of time. The covering is removed at the time when the company takes the shape of a sham company or when the people in control of the company act in a fraudulant manner or when the company is used to avoid certain legal bindings (Ferber, 2002). A specific case with respect to that of Macaura v Northern Assurance co. Ltd (Macaura v Northern Assurance Co Ltd, [1925]). In the given case M was the owner of a farm and and the standing timber over the farm. He created a company of which he was the shareholder and the director as well. The timber was insured in case of aoutbreak of fire under the name of M. in case of desturuction due to the outbreak of fire, M under his own name is able to claim for the compensation from the insurer. But in the specified case he was denied of the compensation because the required insurable interest wqas absent in the matter. It was taken into consideration that M was a shareholder of the company and that a shareholder does not have the legal name to draw the benefits (Harris, Hargovan and Adams, 2009). In case of Chen v Butterfield (Chen v Butterfield, [1996]), a single person company was not extended the protection of isolated legal body due to the fact that the court found that the main purpose of the company was to avoid personal accountability and therefore it was nothing more than a sham. In case of Permanenet Mortgages Pty Ltd v Sibylle Ulrike Macfayden (Permanent Mortgages Pty Limited v Sibylle Ulrike MacFadyen, [2012]) of Australia, the Supreme Court of new south wales found that where the company was formed with the inflated credit picture, such a company can be inferred as sham company and is not liable to be given validity under any circumstances. In case of Pilmer v Duke Group Ltd ) (Pilmer v Duke Group Ltd (In Liq), [2001]), it was considered by the high court of australia that after liquidation a company is wound up at the time of insolvency, the first person to get get the dues out of the assets are the employees, followed by the secured creditors, unsecured creditors, and at last the others. In case of any alterations, no payments is supposed to be made. In the mentioned situation Indri committed the mistake of inflating the assets of his business and forming the company. Despite of being aware of the fact that there were losses, he carried on with the bank loans and therefore it can be said that the veil of the corporate entity will be removed in the given case to have a glimpse of the real colors (Harvey, 2009). Therefore no protection can be extended to Indri and he does not have the liability to get the $90000 back. Simultaneously his injury cannot be compensated due to the fact that there is no employee protection that is extended to him. References Bank of NSW v Permanent Trustee Company of NSW Ltd[1943]HCA p.27. Barker, D. (2005).Essential Australian law. Sydney, N.S.W.: Cavendish. Chen v Butterfield[1996]NZCLC 7, p.261. Commercial Banking Company of Sydney Ltd v Love[1975]HCA p.48. Ferber, K. (2002).Corporation law. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall. Fletcher, K. and Fletcher, K. (2007).The law of partnership in Australia.Pyrmont, NSW: Lawbook Co.